The Fourth Annual SNS Predictions Dinner in New York will be held on Thursday, December 11th, at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue, New York City.

Last year’s attendees were perhaps the first people in the country to hear that the Federal Reserve had lost control of the U.S. economy, oil was going to break the $100 / bbl barrier, and the U.S. economy was going to split, favoring global technology companies even as finance and housing went down.

SNS members, have gotten used to knowing the news before it happens, and being ahead of their friends and competitors on the issues of large-scale, strategic changes in markets and products.

Because those advantages matter more in a down market, I’ll be doing what I can to put together a forward look that will be useful to our guests in the coming year. I hope you’ll join us, and benefit accordingly.

This is always an enjoyable evening, offering a chance to think outside the box, to meet new and old friends and make new business contacts at the reception, to enjoy an excellent dinner, and to be the first to hear our key predictions for the coming year.

As usual, the global business press will be joining us.

We have reduced the fees this year, in keeping with the new landscape. Space is limited, as past attendees know, so don’t wait too long to register ­ which you can do here: