Strategic News Service is proud to announce that Active Life Scientific has been selected as a 2012 FiReStarter company to be featured at its tenth annual Future in Review (FiRe) technology conference. FiReStarter companies are selected based on their potential to bring positive change to the world, and are showcased during the conference both at an exclusive investor reception and in panels throughout the event.

Active Life Scientific Inc. exclusively develops and markets products that embody Reference Point Indentation (RPI). RPI enables life science and medical researchers to include tissue-level strength, quality, and mechanical property data in their research. The in situ and in vivo testing modes enable previously impossible translational assessment of human tissues.

“Active Life is excited about being a part of this year’s FiRe technology conference. We are honored to present the positive changes we see evolving from Dr. Paul Hansma’s breakthrough RPI invention and the resulting products developed by the Active Life team. The BioDentâ„¢ and Osteoprobeâ„¢ are just the beginning of a family of products enabling researchers and physicians to uncover crucial information about what keeps our bodies’ tissues strong. We believe Active Life is opening new doors to lowering the cost of diagnosis and improving the efficacy of treatments involving tissue-related diseases and injuries. With the world’s population aging fast, medical opinion leaders from around the globe are adopting RPI as a promising new approach to better address many escalating healthcare problems,” said Davis Brimer, Active Life Scientific CEO.

Future in Review is an annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics. FiRe attendees convene each year with the goals of providing the best look forward in technology and economics, and in using technology to solve major world problems. These goals have been consistently achieved through FiRe’s collaboration across disparate industries and through active support by the FiRe community. Now in its tenth year, Future in Review 2012 will take place May 22-25 at the beautiful Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California.

“We are delighted to have Active Life as one of this year’s FiReStarter Companies. Active Life is a pioneer in using micro-techniques for tests that previously were either less accurate or more destructive. Its new technology allows reliable measurement of tissue strength in a living animal, something which will benefit animals and humans alike,” said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO.

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