FiRe 2017: Introduction to Day 2

By Arunabh Satpathy

In a series of short opening remarks to day 2 of the Future in Review conference at Park City, Utah, Strategic News Service founder Mark Anderson emphasized the importance of thinking at a high level at a time of rapid change.

“It seems as though at a time of great change, systems level thinking is the right answer,” he said.

In introducing upcoming sessions on visualization, the eye-brain machine, and pictorial supercomputing, Anderson suggested pictures as a way of solving problems. He spoke of the need to refer to our brain’s way to looking at things i.e. through pictures.

He also looked ahead to the upcoming CTO challenge, asking them to engage with a whole new paradigm of computing, calling it the conclusion of a “multi-year effort.”

He ended the 10-minute introduction by segueing into Chris Johnson and Valerio Pascucci’s data visualization panel.