The CTO Challenge Team Begins Work on a Flow Computer System

By Melissa Dymock

Only a few hours after being issued a challenge by Strategic News Service’s CEO to build the first flow computing system and measure the earth’s energy flows, the CTO team got to work.

The first step was to understand the problem. Brad Holtz, CEO of Cyon Research and chief nexus officer of Coventry Computer, proposed a series of questions the team would need to answer to build the system. What is flowing? How is it flowing? What influences the flow? How can we see what coupling is taking place? How do we understand the difference between stable and unstable flows and flows that are changing? These were among the questions asked.

Mark Mahan, consultant to Majiq Inc., said the first problem is putting together the general-purpose architecture of the system, and that most of their successes would be in that area. The second problem is domain specific, meaning the energy flows of the Earth, which they are not experts in.

Once they had the problem, the conversation turned to what they actually needed to create.

“We can assume a pattern computer exists. What do we need to build around that to enable flows at multiple levels?” asked Holtz.

Ben Brown, department head at Molecular Ecosystems Biology, said they could make some assumptions. First, there are couplings and we don’t know the coupling. Second, we have patterns but we don’t know if they’re important.

Holtz emphasized that the first challenge is to create a flow computer system. “We need to not constrain it by the use or the sensor itself.

The project continues on Thursday.

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