The CTO Challenge Continues

By Melissa Dymock

The CTO Team continued work on Thursday at the FiRe Conference to solve its two challenges: creating a flow computer system and a flow system that measures energy of the Earth in real time.

They met throughout the day in separate teams working on the two sides of the problem. The initial plan for this technology started out with piece of paper on an easel. Thursday’s evening session was about bringing the two teams up to speed on each side’s work and preparing a report of their progress for Friday’s session.

Nathanael Miller, an aerospace engineer at NASA, wanted to tie what they’ve done to the basic flow presented in the keynote of the conference, including friction, stock/capacitance, and attributes of flow.

Brad Holtz, CEO of Cyon Research and chief nexus officer of Coventry Computer said that they created many different views of the structure. They also went through the flow of the structure, and tried to answer the questions of what is in the system and what is not in the system.

Holtz said the flow process will be to authenticate, visualize, and interact with the data.

The working name of the Earth Monitoring System is currently “E2MS.”

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