Quantum Computing is Coming Sooner than You Think

Kris Krug // Strategic News Service

Kris Krug // Strategic News Service

By Shelby Cate

Brett Horvath, Head of Product at Scout, kicked off the session on the future of quantum computing by urging the audience to check out quantum computing if it’s unaccustomed to it, specifically referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s explanation of it.

Jonathan Carter, Deputy Director of Computing Sciences at Berkeley Lab, agreed.

“I really urge you to check out that quantum computing explanation from Justin Trudeau,” Jonathan Carter said. “It’s a really beautiful explanation of quantum computing from a politician.”

The conversation between the two men revealed that a future that includes quantum computing may be closer than many may realize. Horvath asserted that not many companies are looking at specific applications for quantum computers, and instead are looking for general purpose computers. However, Carter said he was spotting a change.

“Some companies, Google particularly, think it would be great to have a near term win, as well as the long term goal of a quantum supercomputer,” Carter said.

In practical terms, this means a pairing traditional computers with currently available quantum components.

“Instead of waiting for the most powerful quantum computer, you build a quantum subprocessor,” said Horvath.

“We want to get to some usable simulation results in the near term,” Carter said.

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