Six Companies That Will Change Your Life

By Scott Ridout

On Wednesday morning, Ed Butler, BBC Reporter, led a panel discussion introducing six of twelve FiRe Starter companies — top startups chosen by the Strategic News Service (SNS) for world promotion at the FiRe conference. These companies displayed innovative technologies that are making great strides towards improving our world.


“We measure height and weight but do nothing to measure mental health…we are building technology to screen for mental and behavioral health” — Corinna Lathan, Founder and CEO

Anthrotronix, based in Silver Springs Maryland, is an R&D company focusing on building a mobile application for measuring mental health- brain and behavioral health.

Applied DNA Sciences

“We use patterns embedded in DNA to interfere with the theft of intellectual property…We design and engineer DNA tags from botanical genomes” — James Hayward, President and CEO

Applied DNA Sciences’ feature product, SigNature DNA, is a unique security solution designed for supply chain security, brand protection, or law enforcement applications.


“Haydale prints graphene sheets into composites and other materials…Our goal is to reduce 10–15% of polyester materials around the world” — Ray Gibbs, CEO

Haydale offers tailored graphene solutions to enhance applications for raw materials suppliers and product manufacturers.


“Lets talk about networks… we want to connect over a billion cars in order to leverage big data networking opportunities” — Jay Giruad, Founder

Mojio offers a cloud-connected cellular device (iOS and Android) application that connects automobiles to the Internet and to the user’s smartphone.

Nanotech Biomachines

“Disrupting how drugs are discovered and developed” — Will Martinez, CEO and CTO

Nanotech Bio produces breakthrough nano-electronic sensor tools that will revolutionize how modern medicines will be discovered and developed.


“Using carbon nanotubes to represent zeroes and ones…very low power, very fast memory” — Greg Schmergel, Co-Founder and CEO

Nantero has developed NRAM™, the next generation of memory using carbon nanotubes. It is faster and uses less power than DRAM and flash memory in both standalone and embedded applications.