Top World Changers Recognized at Future in Review Event

Future in Review 2013Last week at the Future in Review (FiRe) Conference, Chairman Mark R. Anderson presented awards recognizing major technology and thought leaders for their world changing efforts.

These include:

In addition, Anderson named several FiRe Ambassadors including:

We are proud to honor these individuals and organizations for the critical work they do in their respective sectors. FiRe is about technology and the economy, and helping our participants gain the most accurate view in these integrated areas during the next 3-5 years,” said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO. “These award recipients and ambassadors will connect our global communities to what is real, in positive and constructive ongoing projects.

Current FiRe Ambassadors include:

Future in Review is an annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics, convened each year with the goals of providing the best look forward in these fields, and of using technology to solve major world challenges. These goals have been consistently achieved through FiRe’s collaboration across disparate industries and through active support from the FiRe community. Next year, FiRe 2014 will be held May 20-23 at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, California.

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