Planning the Earth’s Energy Sourcing

A conversation with Michael Shellenberger, President, Breakthrough Institute; Kevin Surace, CEO, Appvance; Tom Arnold, CEO,; Ray Rothrock, Partner, Venrock; Stefano Poli, CEO, Electro Power Systems; and Michael Pfeffer, CEO, Ibis Networks; Hosted by Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group 

Kevin Surace: Lessons in green building: The value we delivered to homeowners had to be at most a 3-year payback.

Tom Arnold: Focused on available data. Smart meter data is being underused. Gridium has used low price point and this data to grow very quickly.

Michael Pfeffer: New plugin allows large enterprises to power down when they’re not in use.

Stefano Poli: Still working on driving cost down of fuel cells. Scale is helping, but need more R&D.

Ray Rothrock: Our investment is all about getting costs down and we’ve avoided anything that’s subsidized because govt can change its mind.

Michael Shellenberger: There are energy transitions going on all over the world. Governments and environmentalists can accelerate that process. Cheap clean energy will be the biggest driver, rather than reducing use.