Meta Biometrics: My Voice Is More Than My Password

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 A conversation with Peter Mohany CMO Nuance Communications, Susan Hunt VP Federal Nuance Communications, Simon Bisson Freelance Technology Journalist, Richard Mack VP Communications Nuance Communications, Jeanne Harris Managing Director Information Technology Research Accenture Institute for High Performance increase

As the Internet becomes increasingly crowded with personal data and information collection, from amazon to facebook, there is an intensification in the desire to protect ones identify. However, we are challenged by the ability of technology to adequately utilize personalized biometric information to protect personal identity. Additionally, with the increase in cyber crime and computer hackers ability to crack strong case sensitive passwords, there is a growing need for stronger security protection of personal information. Nuance Communications is currently working in the field of telephonic voice recognition and meta biometrics to address these issues and discussed some of the emerging trends and areas they see this field going.