Clean Energy and ‘Twinning’: Pairing Future Energy Production with CO2 Decline

A conversation with Jon Myers, Founder and CEO, Graphene Technologies; Ray Rothrock, Partner, Venrock; and Craig Wilkins, President, Zinc Air; hosted by Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group

 John Myers- Graphene Technologies

Where are we now with “Twinning”?

On Graphene

Sources and Uses:

“This is a disaster in process and we have to accept that.” We can’t quantify how much damage we have done, but we can slow down the impact going for. Can policy accelerate the process? Yes, absolutely. But, we made sure CO2 can be consumed and reemployed in a commercial product w/o gov regulation or support.


Craig Wikins- Zinc Air

On Energy Storage and Efficiency

Clean Batteries

“It is still an economic discussion. We need to look at the long term solution. Your green technology is going to have to show how its economically viable.”