Future in Review Names Graphene Technologies a FiRe 2013 FiReStarter

GT-200Strategic News Service is proud to announce that Graphene Technologies has been selected as a 2013 FiReStarter company to be featured at its 11th annual Future in Review (FiRe) technology conference, described the by The Economist as “the best technology conference in the world.” FiReStarters are selected based on the strength of their innovations and their potential to bring positive change to the world, and are showcased during the conference both at an exclusive investor reception and in panels throughout the event.

Graphene Technologies (GT) has developed a groundbreaking patented nano-materials synthesis technology that produces graphene from carbon dioxide. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms tightly packed in a two-dimensional structure and is the strongest, thinnest, and most conductive material ever discovered. A Nobel Prize was awarded for groundbreaking work in graphene in 2010.

We are delighted to be recognized by FiRe for our innovative work in producing an advanced industrial material from carbon dioxide and look forward to many productive discussions at the conference,” said Jon Myers, Graphene Technologies CEO and Chair.

Future in Review 2013Future in Review is an annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics, convened each year with the goals of providing the best look forward in these fields, and of using technology to solve major world challenges. These goals have been consistently achieved through FiRe’s collaboration across disparate industries and through active support from the FiRe community. Now in its 11th year, FiRe 2013 will take place May 21-24 at the beautiful Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California.

We are proud to have been early in recognizing the unique potential of graphene in revolutionizing the materials cycle, and we are delighted to honor Graphene Technologies and their innovative processes as a FiReStarter Company. This is why we have introduced the firm to the White House and DoE, representing our ‘Twinning’ proposal to use energy-plant CO2 emissions as a feedstock, bringing coal and petro CO2 emissions to zero while creating a new global sustainable manufacturing regime,” said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO.

To register, and to see the current list of participants and selected speakers go to https://www.futureinreview.com.