Improving Nutrition through Technology: Thoughts from the FiRe X Conference’s CTO Challenge

From Deloitte Tech Sheets:

By Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology, Media & Telecommunications Leader

I spent last week at the tenth annual FiRe (Future in Review) Conference organized by the Strategic News Services (SNS) newsletter. This conference is focused on identifying signals and trends at the intersection of technology, science and economics. As a part of the conference, I participated on a team of technology leaders who got together to address one of the challenges facing our society today – “Creating the New Field of ‘Nutritional Microanalysis’: Inputs for the Quantified Self.” The challenge was focused on creating a new field of medicine called Nutritional Microanalysis based on discovering, studying, sharing and using the chemical components of what we eat and drink. Our team was asked to describe the field and define a technical platform for the discovery and study of this field.

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