Five Global Initiatives Unleashed During FiRe 2012

The Strategic News Service publicly released five major new global initiatives this week, all of which were launched at its tenth annual Future in Review (FiRe) conference.

An annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics, FiRe’s attendees convene each year with the goal of using technology to solve major world problems, a goal that is consistently met through FiRe’s collaboration across disparate industries and through active support by the FiRe community. While FiRe participants have already contributed solutions to such real-world problems as fighting urban wildfires, providing safe and secure drinking water, and mitigating global warming, this is the first year that the conference has been a launch pad for more than one major social challenge.

This year’s new projects, all of which are now underway, include:

  1. The INVNT/IP Global Consortium. A new international consortium is focused on protecting the economies of Intellectual Property-inventing nations from nation-sponsored IP theft. INVNT/IP is led by the world’s leading technology firms, which are joined by government agencies on three continents.
  2. Technology Addressing Human Trafficking: A New Global Rescue System. Technologists are working with international NGO leaders and global telecoms carriers to create the first worldwide Global Rescue System — “GRS from GPS” — for victims of human trafficking.
  3. Creating the new medical field of “Nutritional Microanalysis.” A team of FiRe-selected CTOs is developing a new research platform and field of medicine for understanding human health, disease, and their connection to the human genome. The primary goal of “Nutritional Microanalysis” is to evaluate nutritional inputs, and assess their effects on the body’s processes, on a biochemical level.
  4. The AORTA Manifesto: A Movement to Revolutionize Teaching and Learning. SNS Project Inkwell, the first vendor-based consortium dedicated to the integration of technology in education, has developed a manifesto to advocate for Always On Real Time Access to the Internet in classrooms. This declaration, based on seven years of research, will be signed by NGOs and educators around the world, forming the basis for accelerated policy change and providing a platform for a revolution in K-12 education.
  5. FiRe Feature Films. The FiRe Film Team will select two world-changing films each year to receive continued support from the FiRe community. This year the team is already working toward funding the continued production of Chris Jordon’s FiRe-Adopted Film “Midway,” and to support James Balog’s continued work on the documentary “Chasing Ice.”

Now in its eleventh year, Future in Review 2013 will take place May 21-24th at the beautiful Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California. The Economist calls FiRe “the best technology conference in the world.”

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