BBC at FiRe 2012 In the Balance: Who should fix climate change?

From the BBC Business Daily:

This week In the Balance goes to the beach. Lesley Curwen visits the Future in Review conference at Laguna Beach, California, to meet some of America’s top technology entrepreneurs. Lesley asks: does business have a responsibility to come up with solutions to climate change? Or is that the job of governments? And how to give it all away – is philanthropy, giving away a fortune, even more fun than making the money in the first place? Jin Zindell, founder and chairman of Blue Planet Network, David Sarna, chief executive of Woodall Tech Inc and Peter Byck, director and producer of the film “Carbon Nation” discuss the issues. While Colm O Regan muses over whether he should set up his own In the Balance Foundation. Originally aired: 5-26-2012

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