Integrating for Better Healthcare Solutions

With Kian Saneii, CEO, Independa; Philippa Lewis, CEO, Simavita; Davis Brimer, Founder and CEO, Active Life Scientific; and Fred Lee, Director of Clinical & Translational Informatics, Oracle Health Sciences, and Fellow, P4 Medicine Institute; hosted by Doug Smith, President, W.D. Smith & Associates

FL: Reactant health care has dominated the industry, but it will become preventive. High level of data liquidity has allowed that to happen.

DS: We’re looking for solutions. Ample opportunities for integrations to unlock and create value. Medicine recognizes way over 10,000 diseases, but they’re unfortunately very expensive and specialized.

  1. Area for innovation: culture. Doctors are trained to act as individuals, as cowboys. They should work more as a team.  How to make surgery safer: Low tech solutions have had dramatic impact on surgery safety. One: Introducing a surgery team to each other before a blade ever touches skin.
  2. Data: Too many touch points, not integrated with one another.
  3. Payment
  4. Reducing latency period of new methods, medications, etc (currently 10-15 years)

DB: Obviously we want to empower people, give them more agency in their healthcare decisions, but it will be hard. Bringing costs down will help empower customers to allow them to make the healthcare decisions they want.

KS: People need all data integrated and networked to drive down costs.