FiRe CTO Design Challenge: “Creating the New Field of Medicine: ‘Nutritional Microanalysis’: Inputs for the Quantified Self”

Hosted and judged by Mark Anderson; with David Brin, Author and Physicist; Ty Carlson, Architect for BPOS Engineering (R&D)/Office 365, Microsoft; William Harris, President and CEO, Science Foundation Arizona; Sridhar Jagannathan, VP, Technology Strategy and Partnerships, Office of the CTO, Intuit; Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology Leader, Deloitte LLP, and Global Technology Sector Leader, Deloitte; Jerry Woodall, Founder, WoodallTech, and National Medal of Technology Laureate; André de Fusco, CEO and Director, Cynvenio Biosystems; and others TBA


“Asking to create new field of medicine: nutritional microanalysis”

1. describe field.

2. What resources will be needed?

3. Can we create technical platform?

4. How do we integrate this into medicine?

5. How can FiRe participants participate?

SJ: Imagine you’re the CEO of the company, Your Body. Balance sheet of your body is extremely complex. Will you be able to predict the balance sheet of your body 3 months from now?

Highly complex, multifaceted system we have no idea about.

Micronutrient Analysis Vectors

  1. Ingredient analysis
    1. Oils
    2. vegetables
    3. fruits
  2. Processed foods
  3. Cooked foods
  4. Personal data
  5. Internal probes
    1. Digestive cocktail
    2. digestive flora
    3. digestive enzymes
  6. external probes
    1. Cameras, proteins, acids
  7. Individual consequences
  8. social behavior modification

AdF: Metabolic Syndrome is group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. 40 million in the US are thought to be at risk

Most is related to food and exercise

Metrics: extra weight around center of our bodies, insulin resistance



New Tech


Promising technology


Potential solutions

Focused on individual vs. social, available vs innovated technology

Innovative Individual: bio-fork, food analysis plate, enhanced microwave

Available ind: Toxin-detector spray, photo food diary

Social innovation: Ecosystem

Social available: Community-based nutrition review, local food photo club

The 720 View

We already have sensors, we just need to be able to integrate these into socially acceptable measurement devices

Business Opportunity

Business Model Evolution

Ecosystem Platform

Ecosystem Stakeholders


MA: What will lead food companies to label more extensively?

Demand. Driven by Walmart, Whole Foods, etc

Spray toxin detector?

There’s a lot that can be done with neutral particles.