HOTSPOTS II: Four Personal Views of the Future

A Panel hosted by David Willis, Senior Foreign Correspondent, BBC: Rob Chandhok: President, Qualcomm Internet Services and Qualcomm Innovation Center, Qualcomm; Nancy Stagliano: CEO, CytomX Therapeutics; Charles Stucki: VP/GM, Solutions & Business Incubation, TECB Group, Cisco Systems; Special Announcement: Kamran Elahian, Chairman, Global Catalyst Foundation, and Co-Chair, UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (UNGAID); and John McArthur, CEO, Millennium Promise

KE: Millenium Promise– gotten to know the key people. John McArthur with Millenium Promise.

JM: Working with USA Procycling Challenge, backed by Rick Shadden, who wanted to use this event to draw attention to what’s happening around the world. Given Millenium Promise title sponsorship. Launching Spokes of Change to bring health systems to people around the world, draw attention to community health workers and bringing them backpacks, cell phones, bicycles.

KE: Event will be Aug 22-24 in Breckenridge, CO. Cyclists will bike 12000 feet up and down in one day. Always believed in using technology to make the lives of people better. 1.3 million laptops with 4G connection. When I’m asked to talk to youth, remember story that affected him when he was young. Mother and son go to zoo. Huge elephant there is sad because it is in captivity. Elephant is so huge, and chain is so small. Why doesn’t he break free? Ask zookeeper. When elephant was a baby, couldn’t escape, so he learned to give up. That is the story of all of us. We have to try things again and again. You never know whether you’ll be successful, but you should not look at what you began with, but what you can do now and in the future.

CS: Business incubation at Cisco. Must become large quickly, not cannibalize Cisco. Creating new business. Big systems change slowly. small systems grouped together can change very quickly. Mobility is changing all IT technologies and behavior. Redefining applications, driving cloud. Putting IP networking in where there will be big change.

Coming disruptions: 4G, virtual machines are changing networks into flat and fast, depth sensing cameras are interpreting environment, which will change a lot about video. Everything turns on its head when you go to China. Capital, law and order and science education lead to great things. Skipping trouble of IT dept and salesforce, going straight to cloud. Driving new city economies using the cloud.

NS: Next generation therapeutics startup making smart drugs. 10-15 year product cycles. Addressing problems with drugs working well for specific individuals in the body. Putting drug in body inactive until they encounter the disease components, when they then activate. Bringing drugs to the right place of the body as well as the right person.

Average population and come up with response rate to drug to decide whether to move forward with drug. Need a lot of work and is the direction for growth in smart drug development. Figuring out what it was about the percentage of people who responded to drug that caused them to respond. Big patient trials, where responders are examined to determine what makes them respond, are coming.

RC: Look broadly at use changes in industry. As you’re doing things very densely in a room, what distinguishes mobile internet?  Looking into true peer to peer communication. Thought about radios and systems to experiment. Built an open sourced platform for P2p communication to encourage growth and development. Try to build systems resilient to chance that sometimes youre connected, but sometimes you’re not. Squeezing more and more computational power out to edges of network.

In order to get past the device we have, we have to rethink individual relationships with service provider. Future will be in lots and lots of devices, but trying to figure out how to manage them.

KE: Qualcomm is opening up a lot of tremendous opportunity. Mobile phones are creating virtual bank branches in every corner of Africa. Mobile health — ability to diagnose and measure in the middle of nowhere using connectivity. When you combine mobile with location-based services, you can decrease theft, etc.