Breakout Session: A Revolution in Car Computing

“A Revolution in Car Computing”

Moderated by Padraic Hannon, VP, Software and Data Architecture,

With: Paul Mascarenas, CTO, Ford Motor Co.; and Mark Zeinstra, Director, Infotainment and Connectivity, Johnson Controls

Car engineering is currently utilizing techology to increase fuel effiency. Free market competition is going to out drive regulation with respect increasing fuel efficiency.

Additionally the field is working to minimize hardware and focus on the integreation of software to improve the costumer experience. Software integration is being used to persue a safer driving experience through traffic management as well as a more user friendly interface. “I want the settings in my car to work ubiquitously with my life. My new car should com equipped with the settings that I put effort to create in my old car and should know who I am the first time I use my key.” The integration mechanism is a point of concern, and defining the interface that defines the relationship that the costumer will have with car is still up for debate. Mobile devices representing a promising prospect to act as a representation of the consumer to the car.

However, in this persuit the privacy of the driver should be considered. “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…you have to come back to the  driving experience that you want to provide your driver without putting them at risk of possible weaponization

quote from john hagel.