Sustainability Opportunities

Pete Strasser

We are paying for and wasting obscene amounts of light every night due to pour light design.

Sustainable sites credit #8 of Leed Gold certification– light control is still optional. This can be remedied by using light shields, etc.

People believe light makes things safer, but it actually impedes the visibility of whoever is walking in it.
Shorter wavelength light is worse for wildlife and light flow.

Jin Zidell
-5000 children under the age of 5 die every day from dehydration, lack of safe drinking water
-40 million man hours are spent each day in Africa fetching water.
– for as little as $30, you can bring drinking water to one person for life
– started a relay race for clean water, of 20 people from around the world, running 24 hours a day, for 95 days through 16 countries
– Goal: to bring safe drinking water to 200 million people, within 10 years
– use crowd sourcing to rate proposed water projects and fund them based on their ratings.
– funded 280 projects in 18 countries, with 400,000 beneficiaries so far
– funded by individuals, corporations, etc.
– Wants to work himself out of a job.