Computing Advances

I. “Creating a Hackproof ID” – with Steven Sprague, CEO, Wave Systems;
Concept of device identity is in every device you’re using today. Historically, cyber threat has now moved to zero in cellular devices.Encrypting object data, not database. Everybody’s going to become a publisher of data; putting keys in all devices to allow them to view data. “if i could have a bit, and i could also have a variable within a bit, that’d be REALLY cool” When all of our data is encrypted before it is sent ot sites like Facebook. Therefore only your friends will have keys to your info. We, the users, will own our data.

II. “Why the Memristor Will Change the Future of Electronics” – with Janice Nickel, Senior Scientist, HP Labs
Memristor is a dramatic new storage technology. A fundamental circuit element. Don’t need silicon capacity device. Expect this in 3-5 years. According to the BBC, “Memristors have significantly greater memory storage requiring less energy and space, and may eventually also be employed in processors.”

III. “Beyond Facebook: Telling Our Stories” – with Monica Harrington, Intersect
Social networks are missing deep richness of stories, beyond quick bursts of information. “We believe intersect allows people not only to make those connections, but build on these connections.”

Allows you to discover commonalities with others you might not have known. Stories can be searched based on their time and location

Hosted by Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Washington