Keynote Conversation w. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

NVIDIA is investing in

a. Parallel computing; using simulations and algorithms rather than photos to simulate special effects

b. Revolutionized PC

Currently, the PC is at a pause, but it will be revolutionized and refreshed again. Developers around the world will redesign the purpose and capabilities of the computer.

NVIDIA is creating the next fastest supercomputer in the world; parallel computer architecture that will delivers 1000x the speed

Results of this: computers that see you or computer vision, “photoshop that refocuses”, 3D technology in computing

Mark says, “This is beyond Avatar”

c. Mobile computing through Tegra processor.

Moves processing from behind the keyboard to behind the screen, allowing for implementation in tablets, etc.

On Tablets

Most computer users use computing for leisure– a far bigger market than enterprise, school computing.

“If the tablet is the leisure computing device and the size of the market is related to the size of the leisure content we enjoy, then this tablet’s going to be huge,” says Huang.

On Security and IP

Rethinking IP as people, knowledge and ideas, rather than WHAT they produce.

“How the company thinks and how the company makes magic is far more valuable than the magic that was produced,” says Huang.

If GPU is being used to hack, it should be used to encrypt as well.

“We’re investing a lot in remote rendering . . . You can use the cloud to render whatever application you see.”

Encrypting with a GPU in real-time. CPUs take too long.

On wall computing

“Augmented reality will likely be NVIDIA’s greatest contribution to computing someday,” says Jen-Hsun.

In response to T.A. McCann’s question on NVIDIA Success and Workplace Culture

“You have to develop an institutional tolerance for failure . . . I don’t want to fail, but the journey is important. When you’re taking the journey to a certain place, you’ll likely fail often.”