Fixing the Business Model: Affordable Higher Education Worldwide

“Fixing the Business Model: Affordable Higher Education Worldwide”: Ángel Cabrera, President, Thunderbird School of Global Management; hosted by Robert Anderson, Director, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, Illinois Institute of Technology

The future of education is in internet-based, technologically diverse education, as in MIT’s open-source education model, where video lectures are available online.

For profit universities such as The University of Phoenix is bigger than all the Ivy leagues and the Cal Universities combined, with over 500,000 students

Metrics of higher education are completely skewed. The more exclusive a school, the fewer people you are willing to teach, the higher your national rankings.

Business corporations need to rework their language and value couchings. Health, justice . . . ROI? We need to communicate to business students the importance of creating powerful businesses with ethics.

What are the secrets of creating leaders?

“To lead is to influence someone to do something they don’t want to do without coercion.”

“You cannot help anyone grow to become a leader unless you work on the side of values, and trustworthiness.”

“Leadership is about being true to your values, about earning the trust of people”

Is education a market failure?

It’s a market failure and the market failure is being attacked by alternative options, such as Grand Canyon University- a traditional, christian, non-profit school went from bankruptcy to 1.2 billion in capital worth by becoming a for-profit.