Discovering the Future: Nonlocal Quantum Communication

“Discovering the Future: Experiments in Nonlocal Quantum Communication and Retrocausality”: A conversation with John Cramer, Science Fiction Author and Professor Emeritus in Physics, University of Washington; hosted by David Brin, Author, Physicist, and Co-Host of TV’s “ArchiTechs” series

The problem of nonlocality: Einstein didn’t like quantum mechanics; thought there was something wrong with it.

If you collapse the probability wave on one side, it causes the probability wave on the other side to

Could quantum non-locality be used for faster-than-the-speed of light communication?

Most say no.

The University of Washington is currently conducting an experiment to determine whether or not non-locality could

It would be possible to transfer information to a time 50 microseconds before the present.

If you have a quantum computer you can do quantum mechanical calculations, quickly and easily, which will have implications for our understanding of quantum mechanics.