Cyber Warfare

“CyberWar: Today and Tomorrow”: A panel with Barrett Lyon, Founding Partner and CEO, 3Crowd Technologies; and Raimund Genes, CTO, Trend Micro; hosted by Joseph Menn, Technology Correspondent, Financial Times, and Author, Fatal System Error

State-sponsored hackers are engaging in cyber warfare to take down foreign governments.

Every day we are tracing about 6.3 million specbots in the US. But they are afraid to tell the users.

Software authentication is not the only problem. It’s the infrastructure.

“The internet, in my opinion, is still in beta,” Lyon says.  Security was an afterthought of the internet. Whatever country creates a version of internet will thrive and create generous room for innovation.

50% of our credit card numbers are already in the hands of hackers. Online bankers need to be forced to improved security.

Russia’s malware ecosystem is very good. They make botnets and sell the botnets, rather than going out and trying to steal money.

There needs to be a clearly defined policy on what happens if someone is caught. We could technically just unplug other countries.

We don’t know how big this problem is yet, but we’re at the cusp of a nuclear arms race in cyber warfare.