A New GOP Low

I understand that the GOP is in disrepair, and that they therefore have no real culture or filtering mechanism for what they represent.  Even so, the other-worldly ultra-ultrist idea that the President should not be allowed to speak to students in this country, or that students (or schools, districts, etc.) should be allowed to opt out of hearing his speech to avoid being exposed to his “socialist” ideas, is yet a new Rovian low for the party.

It plays great on CNN, but indicates a party with no sense of balance, or soul.

Some unknown parents with schoolchildren were quoted as planning to keep their children home so as to avoid having to hear the President speak.

The GOP is one sick party.

Not allowing the President to speak to all U.S. citizens, or all U.S. students?

Not allowing U.S. students to hear the President, in a speech designed for them to hear?

That is right up there with showing up for Presidential speeches with automatic weapons.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

How sad that it is real.