Tigo Energy selected as FiRe 2009 FiReStarter

tigoStrategic News Service (SNS) is pleased to announce that Tigo Energy (https://tigoenergy.com) has been selected to participate as one of 12 honored FiReStarters for the Future in Review (FiRe) 2009 conference, May 19-22, at the Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, CA. (See https://futureinreview.com.)

Tigo Energy was nominated by SNS Member Rick LeFaivre, Managing Director of OVP Venture Partners (https://ovp.com).

Tigo Energy’s Jeffrey Krisa, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, states: “This year there will be over $500M in lost economic value from the PV solar installations made in 2008 due to the inefficiency of harvesting power output from the modules. While the solar industry invests heavily to bring new photovoltaic material to market to address future cost and efficiency, Tigo Energy has developed a Distributed Inverter System Solution which will immediately return from 7-20% upside power from today’s traditionally architected systems. As a “CapEx neutral” system, achieved through the re-partitioning of system electronics, the value of increased power generation is available to the system owner in the first year. Operational expenses (cost-of-ownership) are also reduced through increased system reliability, safety enhancements, and advanced module-level management for granular maintenance and warrantee service.”

About the FiReStarter program: For the third year in a row, SNS is selecting 12 businesses – top startups or businesses with new startup technology – for world promotion, based on nominations by trusted strategic investment SNS Members. These businesses will be integrated into the FiRe 2009 program. The FiReStarters are businesses which we believe will change our world in a positive way. They are businesses we believe you should know about: the “2009 FiReStarters.” To see last year’s winning FiReStarters, go to: https://www.futureinreview.com/firestarters-2008.php.

For more information about the FiReStarter program, please contact the SNS Programs Director, Sharon Anderson-Morris/”SAM,” at: sam@stratnews.com.