Long Live the S

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors revealed the design this week of the long-awaited sedan version, now called the Tesla S. 

It looks like this:

The company is taking orders now, with a deposit.  Production is slated for 2011.  The whole deal seems to be contingent upon Tesla’s receiving over $300MM in TARP funds for creating the facilities, although something tells me that this is just Elon being opportunistic: he’d go ahead with or without TARP, although why the government wouldn’t want someone like Elon to succeed in this day and age – well, they just would.

I have fingers crossed that he will drive the sedan (and maybe the Roadster, too) down to FiRe 2009 in May


and show it off a bit.  Last time, he ended up selling a handful of Roadsters at around $100k, so who knows how many S’s he might sell at FiRe, at a post-rebate price of s$50k?

Beautiful design, Elon, and best of luck to everyone involved.  The world needs these cars, sooner rather than later.