The Obama Rebound?

The old adage says, The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

It’s hard to be upbeat these days, when every statistic is worse than the last.  But the other day, as I was considering predictions for the coming year, a thought occurred to me: we are experiencing the waning days of the administration I have repeatedly called the worst in US history.  Of course things look dark.

Is it possible, once the new administration is in place, that hearing daily announcements of LIPs (leadership, ideas and plans) put forward by people who are both smart and qualified, will have the opposite effect on the public from the constant drumming of fear we continue to have today?

Of course.

Is it also the case that markets react more to perception than to ground truth? 

Generally, yes.

So I asked myself, what will the state of mind be of the average American, say, three weeks into the next administration – let’s say, by Valentine’s Day, February 14th?

If their house has just been foreclosed and their car repossessed, we know what they’ll be thinking.  But otherwise, I expect it will be radically more optimistic than it is today.

Is that enough to provide a market rebound?  It could be.