The Men Who Killed JFK

Originaly published Nov. 2008.

While some gullible souls (fewer than half, by most surveys) continue to buy the Warren Commission myth of a lone, crazed assassin, the rest of us, reflecting on yesterday’s anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy, are convinced that this killing, like almost all of its kind, was the result of a conspiracy.

Based on the rules of journalistic “proof” (confirmation from two independent sources), SNS members have known who killed JFK for over a year now.  For those who missed this discovery, you can search on “Kennedy” above, or click on the url below:

We now know who killed JFK.  We even have their names and pictures.  It’s time for someone to move this forward, and fill in the rest of the story – despite the ongoing disinformation campaign that hits the media now and again.

The question is no longer, Who Killed JFK?  Now, the question is, What do we do about it?