Generation We

From: SNS Special Letter: Generation We: How the Millennial Generation Is Taking Over America and Changing the World
By Eric Greenberg with Karl Weber

…The Millennial generation has already begun to emerge as a powerful political and social force. They are smart, well-educated, open-minded, and independent – politically, socially, and philosophically. They are also a caring generation, one that is ready to put the greater good ahead of individual rewards. And they are already spearheading a period of sweeping change….

[Mark Anderson comments] Many of the Millennial inclinations documented here remind me strongly of conversations held over the last few years at Future in Review. Specifically, I am reminded of an onstage conversation I had with our good friend Bob Hormats, Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs International, who had just given a keynote discussion that focused on changes in education needed in the U.S., one of the key areas picked for needed change in Eric’s study.

“Who is going to make this happen?” I asked him. “Is it the government?” No, he said, it isn’t the government. “Then it must be the people in this room,” I suggested, and Bob agreed.

A year later, this and related conversations led me to propose the FiRe Mantra, which seems a direct reflection of the Millennial perspectives Eric describes:

It isn’t about problems, it’s about solutions.

It isn’t about the future, it’s about now. And

It isn’t about them, it’s about us.

I think, with assistance from Eric and Karl, we may have found real reason for hope after eight years of increasing darkness.

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