2008 Future in Review FiReStarters Video with Mike Rocke, Transonic Cobustion.

2008 Future in Review FiReStarters Video with Mike Rocke, Transonic Cobustion.

Transonic Combustion, Inc.  https://www.tscombustion.com/about.html

Transonic Combustion, Inc. is a research & development phase company focused on developing a suite of technologies which is projected to enable conventional automotive engines to run at ultra-high efficiency on gasoline and on bio-renewable flex fuels. The Company was founded by an inventor/entrepreneur with patents in fuel cells, batteries, electronics and computer/communications architecture. The startup management team has a track record of establishing strategic partnerships with automotive, computer and wireless communications companies. The Company is financially backed by some of America’s leading venture capital firms including Venrock, as lead investor.

R&D operations are located in Camarillo, CA at the Northwest edge of Los Angeles. The area still has a rural-suburban feel, but with easy access to all of LA’s resources. At 7 miles from the ocean, it maintains a temperate climate year-round.

What is the FiReStarters program?

We have selected 10 businesses – top startups or businesses with new startup technology – for world promotion, based on nominations by trusted strategic investment SNS Members, as part of this pioneering program at FiRe 2007. These are businesses which we, and those businesses who nominated them, believe will change our world in a positive way. FiReStater companies and other details are listed at https://www.futureinreview.com/firestarters.php