Top Pentagon Official Was Israeli Spy

You remember seeing this headline recently, don’t you?  I’m sure you do.  After all, when a top Pentagon official involved with the US Iraq War, and with US Iran relations, confesses to handing over classified information to a foreign country – particularly one which would benefit from US wars with either or both countries – it has to be major news, right?

My guess is you hardly know what I’m talking about, or have never heard of the matter, or knew there was an indictment years ago but figured nothing had yet happened, or —

My guess is also that few of you knew that Larry Franklin has already pleaded guilty to charges under the Espionage Act (thereby avoiding a messy trial), and that he is currently serving a term of over 13 years in a federal penitentiary.  Franklin, yet another Neocon, reported to Neocon Douglas Feith, who reported to Neocon Paul Wolfowitz, who reported to Neocon Don Rumsfeld, who was brought in by Neocon Dick Cheney.  All but the latter have since been stripped of their office or have vanished from power.

Ah, you say, you’re starting to remember?  Maybe the reason you don’t recall is that the above headline did not appear on the top of the fold front page, as it should have.  Keep in mind, there remain two members of the American Israel PAC who are still under indictment on charges under the Espionage Act who have yet to come to trial.

Some observers of this whole proceeding, including myself, have wondered openly if even the meager public writings (and prosecutions) about this have gotten it  backward: that the pipe was running from Israel to the Pentagon, helping launch the Iraq War (with Iran next up).  The connections between the Neocons and Israel are public, intimate and numerous.

Perhaps the headlines should have run:

Israel Uses Spies To Take US to War!!

Instead, the NYTimes told us:

“Pentagon Analyst Gets 12 Years for Disclosing Data”

not bothering to mention that a raid on Franklin’s home by agents revealed at least 86 classified documents, including a Presidential Directive.

Those in the craft recall the Jonathan Pollard case, in which Pollard was convicted of spying for our ally (Israel) and shipping off top secret (no, beyond top secret) Navy submarine encryption codes, perhaps the most damaging and dangerous disclosure made since Wen Ho Lee got the plans for our top nuclear weapon design and (probably) shipped them off to friends in China.

I have checked with a number of people who, like me, should be well-informed on things like this: all of them were clueless on the Franklin confession, conviction and incarceration.  Am I the only one?  Are we the only ones?  Or is this HUGE story being swept under yet another administration carpet?

The American people deserve to know who is spying on them, why, and with what result or damage.  And the major media have a duty to tell them.  Get to it, kids, this stuff is years old, and the real story, I think, has yet to see the light of day.