Future in Review, BBC interviews David Morris, EcoVerdance

About FiRe 2008 Spotlight Company EcoVerdance

In keeping with the FiRe 2008 focus of “Rapid Response” to the climate crisis, EcoVerdance has been selected as this year’s pioneer FiRe Spotlight Company.

What Is EcoVerdance? https://www.ecoverdance.com

EcoVerdance: (noun) – an ideal state of harmony between the environment and humanity, achieved through atmospheric carbon balance and agricultural advancement. Founded in October 2007, EcoVerdance Inc. is at the center of an alliance of environmentally minded corporations and individuals committed to cleaning the Earth’s atmosphere and ending world hunger. EcoVerdance’s primary method of carbon-dioxide reduction involves the purchase and donation of Accele-Gro-M, a plant fertilizer growth enhancer created by Accelegrow Technologies Inc. (www.accelegrow.com) for application in developing countries, especially those that suffer drought conditions, with the help of nongovernmental / charitable organizations. In addition to cleaning the atmosphere and thus creating carbon credits, the increased crop yields provide nourishment and economic benefits for indigenous people. Initial concentration is on eastern and southern African countries.