2008 Future in Review FiReStarters Highlight Video with vLingo

2008 Future in Review FiReStarters Highlight Video with vLingo, a voice-powered interface for mobile phones

vlingo Corp. – https://www.vilingo.com

vlingo Corp. delivers a voice-powered interface for mobile phones. Leveraging a new technology called adaptive “Hierarchical Language Models” (HLMs), vlingo’s approach allows carriers and mobile application providers to quickly and inexpensively voice-enable any application – without custom engineering or in-house speech expertise. Unlike conventional voice recognition technologies that require individual purpose-built applications and rely on constrained grammars and scripted interactions, vlingo’s open approach eliminates a costly and intensive manual effort and scales to tasks as broad as open mobile search. As a result, consumers get quick, easy, and accurate access to mobile applications, which translates into new revenue streams.

What is the FiReStarters program?

We have selected 10 businesses – top startups or businesses with new startup technology – for world promotion, based on nominations by trusted strategic investment SNS Members, as part of this pioneering program at FiRe 2007. These are businesses which we, and those businesses who nominated them, believe will change our world in a positive way. FiReStater companies and other details are listed at https://www.futureinreview.com/firestarters.php