Off to FiRe


Cannes in May.

Greece in September.

Various islands in the summer.

Blues night at the Luna, playing hand drums, with Tom Doenges, Steve Keys and Fat James all playing guitar.

The perfect putt.  An amazing tennis drop shot.  Winning a six mile race.

They’re all good, but there is just nothing like


I’ve been going for five years, number six coming up, and it remains an experience that is unmatched in my year by anything else.  It shouldn’t even be called a technology conference, even if it is, as the Economist says, the best of them. 

It’s a dawn till midnight, beginning to end, life-changing experience.   Little things.  Big Things.  All at once, from the best people in the world.  A world class intellectual restaurant, serving up the best in ideas, projects and friendships.

 Here we go —-