President Abbas

A funny thing happened on the way to George Bush bringing democracy to the Middle East: Palestine had a real election.  In that election, which unlike Bush’s own national election in the U.S., actually passed muster with the world’s election watchdog, the Carter Foundation, the current “president of Palestine” lost.

How could that be?  Just yesterday, I heard NPR unabashedly refer to this Abbas guy as “the president of Palestine.”  Maybe NPR has idiots for editors?  Maybe someone forgot to tell them that that guy Bush had over for a state dinner at the White House is, er, a fraud.

Actually, it’s worse: he’s our puppet.  Israel decided that the winners were too violent.

(Israel outkills the Palestinians in terms of innocent civilians by 4 to 1.  They also continually try to assassinate all Palestinian political leaders – or did, until they recently decided to take sides.  Now they just try to assassinate Hamas leadership, like the leader killed in Syria a couple weeks ago.)

Once Israel decided the winners of the Palestinian election were too violent, the U.S., poodle that it is, quickly agreed, and that was that. 

Or, in French, f**k democracy.

Now it falls to the global media to accept and propagate this tragicomedy.  I understand if someone writes, the “militant Hamas,” or “Hamas, the group responsible for most attacks on Israel,” both of which are probably true and fair. 

But the Bush family is responsible for most of the attacks on the Middle East, and I don’t see them stepping down because of it, in favor of the democratically elected (we now know) other party.

Is everyone really fooled by this charade?  Yes, I think most people forget about the details quite quickly.  Take Wikipedia, for example, which defines Abbas’ office this way, directly linked to his own page:

“The President is elected directly by the Palestinian people for a four year term.” 

That, Jimmy Wales, is an outright lie.

If you are in the media, please stop calling Abbas “president.”  There must be a better word. 

 “Poodle President” works for me.