Multiple Input Genetics (Heritability Theory of Evolution)

Evolution is about ready for a revolution. Back in 1972 and 3, I started puzzling over a better theory than the Central Dogma of the strict Darwinian theory I’d been taught in school. Over the years, I think I’ve pieced it together, and a few years ago, I started publishing it in the SNS Newsletter.

It’s quite simple, in retrospect. Darwin believed that the only sources of genetic input were from parents, and from random mutation. Wrong.

According to (my) Multiple Input Genetics Theory, DNA exists in a kind of equilibrium with other sources. The Darwinian view is still correct: parents are prime contributors, and random mutation occurs.

But there are at least two other sources: viruses in general, including retroviruses; and other cell-to-DNA messaging.

Finally, to make it work, there are mechanisms, as have now been discovered for some parasites, for direct effects on germ cells, vs. somatic cells.

Summary: The genetic material which is passed on to new generations consists of multiple inputs, including parental, random mutation, viral, and (other) reverse transcriptions.

While even today, scientists are aware of some of this, they still tend to think of the relationship between DNA and viruses as disease-only related; this will pass. No one I know of, except as you read it here, has come to the understanding of real multiple inputs, and of genetic equilibrium.

SNS Members have known for several years. Now you know.