That Was Fun

One of my favorite days of the year comes when I drive north to Bellingham, to talk about the year ahead to members of the Washington Software Alliance. They tell me that the numbers attending have doubled each year, and this year we outgrew the usual spot and ended up in a beautiful glass and wood structure on the water.

Everyone grabbed a quick buffet lunch, this new room filled up to capacity, and we got started. I laid out a few landscapes in technology, economics and politics for 2008, and then got down to predictions for the year. In at least one case, the price of oil, the prediction had already transpired. In mid-December, when I introduced this list, oil was at around 80 and heading south, so a call for $100 oil seemed bold. Now, of course, it has already come true.

Here is a good description of the event, from the Bellingham Herald: