Selling Change

I am always amused by how short the public’s memory can be.

This last week, all of the media is abuzz with the keyword, “change,” with the Obama camp laying claim to it by prior use, as the Clinton camp comes late to the party, also posing as the likely agent to foment change. All the voters are talking about picking Barack because he will bring Change to the Beltway, or not voting for Hillary because she is part of the Senate and so will not bring Change, or voting for Hillary because she is a woman and so will bring Change.

I am surprised at the Clintons for being caught so flat-footed.

In Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, against Bush Sr., every third word he spoke was “Change.” That single word, repeated endlessly, got him elected – that, plus one that folks are just starting to pick up on again, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

There is a very, very simple rule at work here.

When you are running for office in the wake of either Bush administration, Change will be what the people are most desperate to have.

Barack beat Hillary to Bill’s game, and it may cost her the election.