Goldman Joins the Party

I have a lot of respect for the folks over at Goldman Sachs. After all, they are the ones who have been making all of the money on the Street for the last decade or so, while everyone else stumbled around playing goofy ego games that ultimately lost money. They were even smart enough to short mortgages on the way down.

SNSers will recall that Goldman came in with a $100 per bbl oil call about two weeks after SNS, so we’re getting used to being out on a limb with the best of ’em, even if we have to go out there first.

Yesterday, Goldman got religion on the subject in our Big Call piece below. In my SNS New York Dinner speech on December 12th, I suggested that PC sales would outpace current published projections, and that the U.S. recession effects would be outweighed by robust sales in non-U.S. markets. Yesterday, Goldman issued a special alert, saying exactly the same thing.

Welcome aboard, kids. The water’s fine. Happy to have you out on this limb of ours.

And keep reading SNS. Like our good friends at GS.