The New Apple CarryAlongPC

For those who don’t follow the SNS narrative closely, I proposed a computer design many years ago called the CarryAlongPC: a full-on computer about the size of hardbound book (around 9″ x 7″). Microsoft and Intel picked up on this, and produced a slew of machines with Compaq, HP and some Asian makers (Samsung’s Q1 stands out). MS even went so far as to name their site on this initiative the CarryAlong site, before later renaming this format.

(Some uninformed blogger suggested that no one else had ever used these designs or names, but there are idiots everywhere, and we have to just pet them, occasionally feed them, and let them wander on their way.)

The advent of Apple’s iPhone, as a full-on computer, marked the advent of the first instance of the same in a handheld form factor (except for microcomputers, simple shrunk-down – vs. redesigned – units, such as those from Paul Allen and OQO).

I think Apple has had so much success with this format, almost despite its relation with ATT and the phone / carrier world, that it is now going to move into the CarryAlongPC format.

I expect we will see the first units from Apple next year, probably by midyear. I also think that, combined with Apple’s touchscreen technology and superb attention to user needs and delights, this machine will create a breakaway product success, much like the iPod did in the already-busy MP3 marketplace.