The Medvedev Deal

The first time I tried to figure out who Putin would pick as a puppet in his place at the Russian presidency, I did something really stupid: I looked through all of the obvious contenders, and tried to figure out which one had the best KGB / FSB record.

How stupid!

Now that Putin has picked Medvedev as his new Presidential replacement, and already had his place confirmed as the new PM, it all makes sense. Here is, I think, the proper way to see Mssr. Med.:

Description of the Perfect Puppet:

1. A longtime colleague, Med is from St. Petersburg; now in Moscow, he is totally isolated, with no federal or local political base or social support structure.

2. Having stuffed every possible business and political post with FSB thugs, Med is the ONLY person in power who is not from the old KGB. Talk about isolated!

3. It isn’t just some gang of old friends he is on the outside of, looking in; it’s the world’s scariest state secret police. I bet they’ve bugged the bugs on his dog’s bugs.

In summary, Medvedev is the Perfect Puppet, totally alone and isolated in Moscow, with only Putin to protect him from a rats’ nest of truly nasty types who would love nothing better than to see him boiling in oil – their oil, btw.

Now we can watch as the President is neutered and the Presidency is turned into lap dog job, with Putin on TV every night, running the cabinet, and telling Med when to breathe in, and when, if ever, to breathe out.

Putin/Stalin should get a real round of applause for this move; it was brilliant, and ensures that Putin can now stay in power forever. Just like Castro, and now, Raul Castro. Just like Evo Morales. Poor Hugo Chavez, he so wanted to be on this list.