Australia: The Next Singapore?

Australia has always been an interesting place, with not only great surfing and big hot rocks, but a willingness to do what’s right, be different, go their own way, while also offering strong support to the U.S. as an ally.

This latter program just cost John Howard his job. He goes out as the last of a global club of well-intended traditional allies that Bush led into political No Man’s Land. The past leaders of Australia, Hungary, Ukraine, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, England, Italy and Spain have all been thrown out at the earliest possible moment after helping Bush invade Iraq.

While England may just be living with more of the same under Gordon Brown, the Aussies seem to have gotten a real re-tread with Kevin Rudd, who handily beat three-termer Howard while running on giving every student her own computer.

Admittedly, I’m biased on this question; but his next step proves his brilliance. A day into his first term, he announced a new cabinet-level position in broadband.

Can we borrow him? Please?