Another great SNS NY Experience

If things have been just a wee bit quiet for the last few days and nights, it’s because the crew and I have been getting set up in NYC for the Third Annual SNS New York Dinner. Thanks to program manager Sharon Anderson-Morris, Editor in Chief Sally Anderson, and All-Around Tech Maven Scott Schramke, everything went perfectly.

I’ll have the predictions out to our subscribers in fairly short order. Until then, you can see the gallery photos of those attending here:

One happy coincidence: after making the major call that the IT industry would be more driven next year by international growth, rather than held back by U.S. economic issues, Steve Lohr of the NYTimes wrote about it in his blog, including an internal memo by IBM CEO Sam Palmisano making the same call a day later.

Thank you Steve, and thank you, Sam.

You can read that material here:

It’s been another great experience in NY, and my thanks to everyone who helped make it so.

Update: The audio recording of Mark’s predictions is here (1hr MP3).

Update: The video is here (1hr Windows Media).