The Pakistan Play

Let’s see if I have this right. Every country in the Middle East (except Israel) is a dictatorship, specifically focused on preventing radical Islam from coming to power. You can argue exceptions like Turkey, where the Army comes in and stages coups at the slightest indication of the above, or Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat, and the Mubarek dynasty kills or jails this now-illegal Islamic group on sight.

And we want democracy for Pakistan?

Oh, I forgot to add Algeria, where the Islamic party was made illegal and the elections stopped in mid-stroke to avoid a power turnover, or Morocco, or —

Who in the world would want to impose democracy on a Middle Eastern country?

Oh, I forgot – we did the same thing in Iran, forcing the Shah to lighten up a bit. Oops.

OK, maybe it’s all about our other big issue, Nukes. Except the greatest crime of the modern world was putting together all the materials necessary for a nuclear weapons kit and shipping it off to fellow Islamic (and other) countries, like Iran, Libya, Syria, and probably North Korea —

Who was the master criminal behind that most destructive and insane of Islamic moves? Ah, I believe that would be dictator and future President Purvez Musharraf. Sure, he has Dr. Khan under “house arrest” (or used to), but really, he was in charge of the government at the time this sanctioned distribution of death kits took place. The “Islamic Bomb.”


Don’t you get the feeling that the whole Pakistan story is one gigantic manipulation?

What is the other hand doing, while you are watching this one?

Pakistan, Home of Al Quaeda. Where Mr. bin Laden gets his dialysis. Bush’s staunchest ally in the War on Terror.

Did I mention that there is no War on Terror?