Impeaching Cheney

Dennis Kucinich, who gets discounted by many for his big ears and upgraded by too few for his many forthright and common sense ideas, proved he was the only Congressman with guts this week, as he introduced an impeachment resolution against vp Dick Cheney.

The GOP response was, if possible, worse than one expected: they treated the resolution, and the question, as a joke.

While GOP solidarity will almost certainly prevent this motion from ever passing (loyalty to party over Constitution was not one of the problems considered by the founding fathers), it occurred to me that, a la Watergate, there might come of this something almost as good.

If the Judicial Committee decides to conduct hearings into the legality of Cheney’s behavior in creating the Iraq war, it will at least serve the purpose of exposing the administration’s illegal behaviors to a wider audience than Democratic websites.

Putting the Cheney Hearings on live TV, as was done during the Watergate hearings, would help the American (and global) audience understand what was done to them, and how, and by whom. More important, it might just get them angry enough to demand the return of the Bill of Rights.