A Personal Invitation to the Annual SNS NY Dinner

To all of our Strategic News Service Members and SNS Friends:

I suppose there is a better time of year to be in New York City, but I can’t think of it. Christmas shopping, the bite of cold in the December air, enough music and theater to keep you busy for a month, and, of course, the SNS New York Dinner at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, December 12th.

This is your chance to combine meeting your fellow members at a low-key reception, making new friends over a delicious dinner, talking to the global press about your latest product, chatting with individuals or the group about your own pressing company questions, and hearing the only technology predictions that get graded annually.

Last year, you’ll recall, we finished the year at 96.5% correct, a truly impossible figure to maintain – right?

Come and hear my Top Ten Predictions for 2008, and get the jump on everyone else. Will they affect your company’s success? Will you meet your next customer, hire, or employer? Is Web 2.0 really built upon only seven customers?

Here is your chance to see the future of technology and markets in a quite different way, and to benefit from it.

I hope you’ll join me in New York for yet another wonderful evening.

To register for this sell-out event, go to:


I’ll see you there.