Teeing up Iran

There is a lot of talk right now about the Bush administration teeing up Iran in September in the same way they tee’d up Iraq after 9.11.

While I agree that Iran should be prevented from developing nuclear weapons, this admnistration seems to lack the subtlety required of getting what they want without a declaration of war.

Of course, that won’t happen, so they must have some other, non-legal way the ex – AG has figured out for them to attack a foreign nation without involving Congress.

Should this happen, will the Dems bring impeachment proceedings against Cheney and Bush together? Given that we’ll be in the midst of a presidential primary election season, this may also serve to separate the candidates based on their reactions.

Those taking a strong anti-war stance will best benefit from public support. Bush (and Rove) seem without a clue in understanding the current level of suspicion and anger the general public, including many Republicans, feel for them. They are much less likely to fall for the propaganda numbers this time, and much more likely to turn into an angry mob.