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Today’s FiRe FiVe lunch featured a showcase of two electric car companies, Tesla Motors and Phoenix Motors powered by Altairnano battery technology.

Joe Powers, Tesla Motors Sales and Marketing Planner invited me for a test drive. The Tesla Roadster is silent at “idle speed” and there is no engine to “crank-over”. My initial feeling was that this sports car was in harmony with nature, rather than a gas guzzler that harms the environment. As Joe and I pulled out of the Hotel Coronado we must have turned twenty people’s heads as they walked past the exotic electric car.

Tesla Shifter

Joe turned out on to the street and then we accelerated like a silent rocket. There was a small amount of sound from the electric motor as my body pushed into the back of the seat. This is a fun car, quick and clean. Production begins in September with the first car being delivered in Novemberl.

If you have the extra funds and want one of the first electric powered sports cards, then contact Joe Powers, Tesla Motors at 650-413-6225 – Tim R. FiRe FiVe Blogger



What an amazing car!��

Joe Powers from Tesla Motors shared his view on the new Tesla Roadster due out in November (production starting in September).�� The Windsor Lawn was filled with attendees looking at the electric cars and checking out their sleek curves.��

��While the look of the car is a statement in itself, the technology that goes into this beast of a car is something out of this world.�� The car has about 60,000 small batteries that make up the storage component of the energy need to propel this rocket.�� 0 to 60 MPH in just under 4 seconds is remarkable for a car that could drive by you at 135 MPH and you could practically hear a pin drop at the same time.�� The front o the car has a HVAC and safety component, while the back houses the engine and the energy storage.�� The entire frame weighs just over 2600 pounds, with every effort made to lower the weight of the car to make it truly efficient.�� At an average of 1 cent per mile electricity cost (based on the local rate of electricity) this car can very easily be cost justified to the car enthusiast looking for a great car with a little edge to it.�� The maintenance cost for the car is astounding as well, the only maintenance cost involved is the brakes and wheels, and for this purpose Tesla plans to open combination showroom and maintenance bays in many metropolitan areas in the coming years.

��The future holds great things for Tesla as well. The company plans to further its product offering in 2010 with a 4 door sedan model at a very reasonable sticker price around $50,000.

��Tesla is currently partnering with Lotus Motors for production of the Tesla Roadster.�� The Lotus production line will start at 1 car per week and work its way up to 20 cars or so a week to fill the current orders for the car.

��This car is sure to turn heads, not only because of its looks and prowess, but also for its contribution to a better tomorrow.

– Gustav Toppenberg – FiRe Five Blogger